Top 10 E-Commerce Strategies to Grow Your Business

The likely source of new customers will certainly be e-commerce strategies. Just look at the evidence: this past vacation period Black Friday was a bust while Online Monday hit the ball outside of the park!

In the marketer latest forecast for U.S. retail e-commerce and commerce purchases for the complete year, it is estimated that U.S. e-commerce will have generated $262.3 billion in sales for 2013, a boost of 16.4 percent year over year as well as slightly higher than the 16.2 percent increase last year.

The question is how small businesses can catch their allotment of the e-commerce surge.


  1. Micro-Target an Online Audience

    . E-commerce is all about establishing a “territory”:  and designing a site to reach an audience with a common needs or characteristic. No matter what your product or solution, define your company’s specific niche markets that you can penetrate online with specific offerings.

  2. Personalize

    Site visitors are requiring one-of-a-kind expertizes that provide for their needs and interests. Technology is offered, even to smaller sized players, to capture private shoppers‘ interests and choices and produce an item selection and buying experience led by individualized promos customized to them.

  3. Create Content to Build Stickiness

    Winning e-commerce releases crowd-sourced content to make a site “sticky” for prospective buyers. Amazon drew in millions of customers by encouraging all of them to share their opinions on items like publications and CDs. What is actually your strategy to help prospective customers with your products or services find you via Use keywords and meta stickers to lift your position in hunt outcomes.

  4. Tailor the Surfing Experience to Target Segments

    Brand-appropriate site style and well-structured navigating remain key ingredients for drawing in an audience and obtaining them to happen back. Provide an attracting searching experience across on the internet systems. If you desire to sell knapsacks to college students, for instance, use vibrant colors with a flashy design to evoke a sense of youth and experience.

  5. Integrate Across Channels

    Using multi-channel offerings, allowing your client to experience your brand, whatever their shopping style of choice However is sure that items you are offering via different channels are sufficiently separated to account for price differences.

  6. Invest in Mobile

    Mobile commerce is expanding at a rate of over 130 percent annually. If you lack a robust mobile commerce platform, you will see a dramatic drop off in revenue over the following several years. To stay affordable, you require offering mobile-accessible solutions such as delivery status, real-time notices, click-to-call, maps, and product info.

  7. Tap into Logistics

    To accommodate growth, you might need to touch the abilities of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to handle a high volume of complicated orders. Reverse strategies, the ability to deal with returns as well as swaps quickly and financially, is becoming a key differentiator. Same-day shipment and innovative fulfillment networks can be competitive advantages.

  8. Consider Subscription Commerce

    Membership commerce takes several types. In the resumption model, a commodity item is sent to the customer every month. The discovery model is more promising.

  9. Bypass the Middlemen

    The Internet is enabling small business to reach great deals of consumers quickly. Producers, including manufacturing facilities in China, are progressively willing to work with small brand names. They have found that small brands are more most likely to launch new products to market since they are less constrained by shelf area limitations as well as complex source establishments.

  10. Offer a Smooth Experience Across Channels

     The product schedule, marketing strategies, and brand experience are constant across all channels– whether online, in-store or on a mobile phone device. Implement cloud-based supply chain technology to gain exposure to your performance across all channels.